martes, 5 de mayo de 2009

someone that i admire

Well there are many persons that i admire, but there's one that made me a better person, she is my best partner an my job her name is Betty sometimes i call her mom.
I know her since i start working at the restaurant "Hacienda San Antonio" my current captain put me at her disposition to train me in the job as a waiter, because she is the one who knows best the rythm of this business, she is full of enthusyasm, vitality, and she have a good sense of humor, maybe are things to be good at this.
I remember one time that i get one troblue with a costumer because he came at the restaurant in bad mood so he want just dishes of the menu instead of the buffet so i gave to him fast, but at the time of the bill he got mad at me, the captain wasn't there so i told her, then she talk to him so she made him understand even he left me a nice tip for my service, then she told me that stand calm and talk to the costumer to explain situstions is the key of deal with that kind of people.
Maybe i admire her for how to solve problems so easy that looks like nothing is happenig.